Welcome to PowerWrap

Welcome to PowerWrap, your complete source for fast, easy and cost effective solutions to remedial needs on and offshore utilizing high strength composite repair solutions and anti-corrosive coatings and adhesives. PowerWrap has serviced and supplied products for close to 20 years all over the world for Oil and Gas Companies, US Military, State and City Municipalities, and Water and Waste Treatment Plants. PowerWrap has been a leader in the Energy Industry in utilizing ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 standards in accordance with a variety of pipe standards of composite repair systems for high and low pressures. Our products service everything from pipeline integrity solutions, tank wall and floor repair or replacement, mechanical reinforcement, piling repair restoration, and leak repair. We have specialized formulations for high temperatures, high chemical resistance, underwater applications and even a system that can be applied in the presence of hydrocarbons. PowerWrap will provide detailed project planning, contractor training and approval, written specifications, on-site quality control and technical oversight. PowerWrap is proud of the success it has continued to have by helping hundreds of companies manage and remediate major problems and situations that occur.