AquaWrap Installation Video

PowerWrap's Products Clear Advantage is it's Installation on Pipelines. Our products are the quickest to install and fastest to cure allowing customers to save time and bury the pipeline within 2 hours or less and complete the jobs faster. Our products also can be installed easily on elbows, tees, offshore risers, underwater, flange reducers, and used on saddle repairs for crevice corrosion and dent gouges. It can be installed on all specified pipelines including API-SL, ASTM and AWWA. Aquawrap® can be applied much faster than most any other system on the market. If needed our product kits contains all of the application equipment and once on location it is ready for use immediately. It can be applied on different pipe configurations and sizes, as well as adverse conditions such as underwater or when raining, below freezing temperature environments, pipelines operating at high temperatures, pipelines with constant external condensation caused by differing temperatures and irregular pipeline surfaces.

Case Study Gallery of PowerWrap Installations: